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Hoya Rope Plant

Hoya Rope Plant

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The Hindu rope plant (Hoya carnosa 'Compacta' or 'Krinkle Kurl') is a curly leaf version of the porcelain flower or wax plant (Hoya carnosa). This semi-succulent, perennial, vine-like species is known for its lush, waxy foliage, unique curling vines, and striking blooms. Native to East Asia and Australia, they are most commonly kept as houseplants in North America and are regarded as being easy to care for, slow-growing, long-lived, and great for novice plant lovers.

Unlike the Hoya carnosa, the Compacta variety has a pendulous growth habit and the trailing vines and leaves look great when hanging over elevated shelf ledges or in hanging baskets. The beautiful pinkish-white, fragrant, tiny star-shaped flowers are another element that makes this plant popular. They grow in ball-shaped clusters and appear from early spring right through the summer. The flowers can last up to a few weeks, and healthy plants flower prolifically.

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