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Monstera Minima

Monstera Minima

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Monstera minima, also known as Philodendron piccolo and Ginny philodendron, isn’t actually a monstera at all! While still a member of the aroid or Araceae family, Rhaphidophora tetrasperma is an entirely different species. It looks very similar to Monstera deliciosa, with its gorgeous heart-shaped, fenestrated leaves. 

However, monstera minima is much smaller than its larger look-alike. Whereas the deliciosa can grow up to 8 feet tall indoors with 2-foot-long leaves, and will happily take over your space if you let it, monstera minima will top out at about 5 feet tall and will only spread a foot or two. You might find this a lot more manageable in a smaller space with lower ceilings! 

Indoor temps from 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit work best for a monstera minima. Be sure to keep your plant far away from drafts, heaters, fireplaces, and vents that might freeze, scorch, or dry out the leaves! Be especially conscious of this when the seasons change and you might be using more heat or AC.

Monstera minima is a fan of humidity, so you may want to mist regularly, set up a humidifier nearby, or place your plant on a humidity tray to keep the leaves nice and supple. You can also try bringing your plant into the bathroom when you shower for an occasional steam bath!

Will be shipped bareroot. You will get a similar size plant with 4" pot shown.

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