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Philodendron Birkin / Juvenile plant / Starter plant 4" pot size

Philodendron Birkin / Juvenile plant / Starter plant 4" pot size

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Birkin Philodendrons extend light colored, heavily variegated new leaves that slowly become more olive colored as they mature. The mid-aged leaves of this plant might remind you of a pinstriped suit or elegant modern painting. When this variety is exposed to excess resources, it may produce white leaves so quickly that they are slightly ruffled in texture, but no need to fret as they will even out as they mature. Birkin is a smaller growing variety that remains under 3 ft. in height as a small bush.

Philodendrons belong to a very large group of flowering plants with multitudes of unique leaf colors, textures, and patterns. This species is renowned for being very easy to grow indoors as they prefer indirect light or dappled shade. Symptoms of improper care are quickly resolved and obvious to even the beginning gardener. Grow philodendrons indoors to add a natural element to your style with minimal maintenance, but be sure to place them out of reach to pets and children.

Will be shipped bareroot.

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