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Silver Splash pothos 4"

Silver Splash pothos 4"

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The plant itself can grow up to 10 feet tall when given a moss pole or something similar to climb on. Indoors, it is more limited in size to about 3 to 4 feet. Thus, making it more manageable as a houseplant.

Silver Splash Pothos enjoys moderate to bright non-direct light. And, it will experience its best growth when it gets the latter. It also has the ability to tolerate low light.

Similarly, direct light or too much exposure to the sun’s rays will cause the plant to lose its marbling. But this time it is because the intensity of the light will scorch its leaves.

Thus, an east facing window is an ideal spot for the plant indoors. It offers long hours of sunlight. And, the morning sun is gentle enough not to damage the plant’s leaves.

Ideally, allow the top soil to dry out between waterings. I like to wait under at least the first 2 inches of soil from the top is dry before I water again.

This will prevent you from overwatering by adding moisture too frequently.

Will be shipped bareroot.

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