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Snake Plant Gold Hahnii 4in pot

Snake Plant Gold Hahnii 4in pot

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This dwarf snake plant only grows 6 to 8″ inches tall and up to 6″ inches across. It makes an excellent choice for groundcover or smaller apartments.

Under ideal conditions, it can achieve 12″ inches and remain as small as 3″ inches in poor conditions.

The variegated foliage ranges from light yellow with vertical green stripes to grey-green with dark green bands and a creamy yellow margin, depending on the amount of light it receives.

These leaves form a tight rosette resembling a cross between a rose and a bird’s nest, lending to one of its monickers and sometimes causing it to be mistaken for a bromeliad.

Will be shipped bareroot.

Shipping option- USPS first class Due to the nature of the item, any damages due to weather / shipping or delayed shipping will not be refunded/replaced. There may be wilting/yellowing leaves due to shipping stress. Keep the plant moist if its dry at a medium bright location away from sunny window/heat vents for initial days till it recovers from stress.

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