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Tradescantia Zebrina 4"

Tradescantia Zebrina 4"

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Commonly called zebra plant, inch plant, silver inch plant or more recently, wandering dude, Tradescantia zebrina (=T. pendula; Zebrina pendula) is a popular houseplant in the spiderwort family (Commelinaceae) grown for its variegated foliage. The similar looking, but more robust, all green T. fluminensis) lacks the attractive striped purplish-green leaves of the zebra plant. This is the plant for the wanna-be-green-thumb! It is very tough and will thrive in almost any conditions indoors. This tender perennial native to southern Mexico and Guatemala can be grown outdoors in mild climates (zones 9-11) where it does not freeze or as an annual where winters are cold.

Will be shipped bare root

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